Digital media concept, design and development for the cultural, charitable and public sectors

    Since 2001, Surface Impression has been helping non-profit, community and public-sector organisations to make the most of digital media. Cultural sector projects make up the largest part of our work, with museums, galleries and archives being the core of our expertise and experience.

    Our four key areas of work


    We develop and share the knowledge and insights that we have built up over nearly two decades of work and academic research. Our consultancy services include research, skills development, fundraising, data analytics, systems audits, strategy and more.


    Our work is engaging, well designed and accessible, communicating content in a well structured, intuitive and audience-focused manner. Digital products we create include websites, apps, in-gallery interactives, collections databases, walking tours, and online exhibitions.


    We are passionate about universal accessibility and inclusivity – this is at the forefront of all our projects. We test our own productions with a panel of people with disabilities to ensure real life, lived experience is a key part of our accessibility standards and consult with our communities to ensure our projects are ethical and equitable.


    Long-term support and digital sustainability is central to our practice. Through a programme of technical and strategic support, we help several hundred clients to optimise the value that they get from their digital activities, and extend the lifespan of assets and resources way beyond industry norms.

    In depth

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    A corner view of a 3D virtual gallery showing artwork hung on white walls above a wooden floor

    Surface Impression have given us a product that we are absolutely delighted with. They listened to the problems we were having, reviewed and researched our market, systems and processes then came up with an audit driven answer that meant we ended up with exactly what we were looking for. They come highly recommended.”

    Deputy Director Communications, National Health Service, UK