Celebrating the history of Canadian theatre

Theatre Museum of Canada

The Theatre Museum of Canada is unique, as it has a collection focused on the history of the Canadian theatre industry with a particular focus on set design and props and, more importantly, it has yet to become a brick and mortar institution. Though this will happen in the next few years (space is already under construction!), for the moment, the Museum focuses its engagement through virtual means and pop-up exhibits around the City of Toronto. This makes their website even more important, as it had to convey a great deal of information, especially the important work the institution does, and be a starting point that could be built into a more involved website once the on-site building is complete. Because of this, we went for a simple WordPress design that was easily taken care of and editable by the very small staff team, but that will lend itself to further development and a more complex website in the future.

A big focus of the site is the chance to search the online collection and to explore the Legend Library, a large repository of videos of interviews from notable names in the Canadian theatre industry.