Presenting Syrian civil society’s media productions

International Commission on Missing Persons

The International Commission on Missing Persons had planned to stage an exhibition of the films, posters, brochures and other media products produced by Syrian Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) at an international conference. However, once the Covid-19 pandemic hit, they were forced to move the display online

In a very rapid turnaround project, Surface Impression was able to process the CSO’s media products and arrange them into virtual exhibition panels, complete with both English and Arabic captions. Titled “In Their Absence”, the exhibition showcases some of the amazing work produced by organizations in and around Syria to help people find their missing loved ones, or process the grief and anxiety associated with missing persons.

A lot of attention was paid to ensuring that the exhibition would be accessible to those in countries with restrictions and limited access to internet.

On the homepage, a manipulatable 3D rendering of a physical exhibition showcasing the CSOs’ panels was utilized to provide the context that this was meant as a gallery exhibition.

Functionality to support online reading of newspaper articles, booklets and multi-page flyers was implemented to support the diverse media curated by ICMP and the participating CSOs.

The site was designed to display both English and Arabic content harmoniously at the same time.

Each CSO’s gallery page was created to feel like a panel within a physical exhibition and echoed the design of the 3D rendering on the home page.

Video was supported through VIMEO to ensure speedier page load times and provide secure streaming and to ensure videos can only be posted to the official website.

Next and previous paginated arrows allow visitors to explore the exhibition panels intuitively.