Mapping your heritage

University of York
  • Interactive Map

PERICLES is an EU-funded research and innovation project, led by the University of York. It promotes sustainable, participatory governance of cultural heritage in European coastal and maritime regions through a unique interdisciplinary and geographically wide-ranging approach. Surface Impression has created a participatory, map-based website that displays maritime heritage through a rich and engaging interface. Users can add their own trails and points of interest to enhance the projects datasets.

Multiple map views include different geographical areas, GIS layers, scientific base data, conventional and polygon markers, topography and bathymetry

People can add their own markers and trails to a map and create trails using other people’s contributions

Research opportunities for cultural heritage sector

Media uploads to points including video and images

Multiple languages including French, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Greek and Maltese

Integration with mapping API

Community engagement from local areas and tourism boards