Presenting Syrian civil society’s media productions

The International Commission on Missing Persons had planned to stage an exhibition of the films, posters, brochures and other media products produced by Syrian Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) at an

Connecting young people in the UK and Germany

UK-German Connection promotes cultural exchange and language learning between the UK and Germany. This project is run jointly by the German Embassy and the British Council and includes initiatives to

Bringing together NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups

Surface Impression has been working with the NHS for over a decade, initially with primary care trusts and subsequently with Clinical Commissioning Groups. We have taken our clients through several it

Sharing Disability Arts & Culture with the World

Disability Arts Online (DAO) was set up to advance disability arts and culture to as wide an audience as possible, supporting disabled artists by getting the word out about the fantastic art being pro

Taking action today to prevent disability tomorrow

A global health charity that provides early diagnosis and treatment, surgery, education, safe water and several other initiatives in order to prevent needless disability in the developing world. Surfa

Transforming communities and lives through food

Brighton & Hove Food Partnership (BHFP) is all about food. They are a non-profit organisation that helps people to cook, to eat a healthy diet, to grow their own vegetables and to waste less food.

Supporting survivors of sexual violence in London

The London Survivors Gateway is a hub that offers victims of sexual violence help to access specialist services in London, regardless of their gender, sexuality, disability, ethnicity, immigration sta

Charting the Disability Arts Movement

National Disability Art Collection and Archive (NDACA) celebrates the work of creative people with disabilities, charting the Disability Arts Movements from the 1970’s to the mid 1990’s. T

Rate it! Product reviews for and by disabled and older people

July 2018 saw the release of a pilot project to deliver a product review tool for use and authored by disabled and older people. We worked alongside the Research Institute for Disabled Consumers (RiDC

Charting 35 years of the HIV epidemic

AVERT are an HIV and AIDS education charity who have been at the forefront of the HIV response since 1986. To mark the 35th anniversary of the first published reports of the HIV epidemi

Locations-based game for learning disabled people

SprungDigi is all about learning disabled people getting creative and connecting with the world through digital tech. It’s a project supported by Arts Council England and Horsham District Counci