Remembering millions of personal stories from the First World War

This project, created for Imperial War Museums, tells the stories of individuals from across Britain and the Commonwealth who served in uniform and worked on the home front during the Great War. It ca

Bringing collections to life through storytelling

Created for CultureNL (including the Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life) CultureNL Museums showcases 27,000 unique objects relating to the industrial and social history of the local North La

Uniting multiple heritage services within a single brand

The South West Heritage Trust is an independent charity composed of three museums and two archive services. Together they tell the remarkable story of Somerset, Devon and the South West. The main chal

Inspiring generations, remembering the Few and honouring the Many

‘Inspiring generations, remembering the Few and honouring the Many’ is the motto of the Biggin Hill Memorial Museum opened in January 2019. A collaboration led by Bromley Council and Biggin Hill M

3D exploration of the Raikeswood World War 1 prisoner of war camp

The history of Skipton’s World War 1 Prisoner of War camp can now be accessed through the website Surface Impression created for Craven Museum. This user-focused website presents a 3D model that inv

Celebrating the history of Canadian theatre

The Theatre Museum of Canada is unique, as it has a collection focused on the history of the Canadian theatre industry with a particular focus on set design and props and, more importantly, it has yet

Improving access to heritage for visually impaired visitors

We launched the Sensing Culture website in summer 2018 to showcase the HLF funded accessible heritage project lead by The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB). The Sensing Culture project i

‘One of the best small museums in Canada’

Kettle River Museum is a regional museum located in the heart of Boundary Country in Canada where visitors can delve into the history of the Kettle River Valley. We worked with Kettle River to design

Stories of the largest invasion in world history

Ahead of the 75th Anniversary of D-Day in 2019, this Heritage Lottery Fund project delivered by Portsmouth City Council, has seen the transformation of the original museum, revealing the rich sto

A digital museum of modern nature

Surface Impression designed and developed a digital resource for the Wellcome Collection’s A Museum of Modern Nature exhibition. Members of the public were invited to share photos relating to a

Piecing together Charles I’s lost collection

This project is centred on a 3D digital reconstruction of the 17th Century private galleries of King Charles I at Whitehall Palace in London – what became, after his beheading at the end of the Engl

Discover musical instruments from the UK’s museums

The MINIM-UK project saw over 20,000 historic instruments from national museums such as the British Museum, V&A and Science Museum digitised and gathered into a database by specialist cataloguers.

Exploring a collection in 3D

This in-gallery interactive unlocks a hidden collection at the Sedgwick Museum. By opening up a formerly perplexing corner of the galleries, it gives visitors access to one of the earliest museum coll

Sharing the curious and the compelling

Museum Crush is the latest project from independent arts charity Culture24, and 2018 winner of a Gold MUSE Award in the online presence category by the American Alliance of Museums. The alli

Presenting a city’s museums

Brighton & Hove’s Royal Pavilion and Museums consists of five different venues. Surface Impression redeveloped the online presence of this multi-venue site. Research demonstrated e

An online gateway to museum collections

In 2017 the Royal College of Music Museum undertook a project to digitise their collections with a view to moving from a commercial digital library to presenting their collections on their own website

Connecting museum collections across the world

Since the 1970s the UK based Collections Trust has been helping museums capture and share the information that gives their objects meaning. Their standards and advice are respected and used around the

Cornish history through photography

Traditional user interfaces for collections online can be very dull. With a desire to make collections display engaging and focused around images, rather than just data, we approached collections mana

Getting UK cultural orgs “Fit for China”

Collaborating with Culture24, Surface Impression was engaged by the British Council to explore methods to promote content from UK cultural organisations within China. The organisations included the Vi

From fossil to digital

The Jurassic Coast, is a 95 mile length of the south coast of England. Awarded World Heritage Site status by UNESCO in 2001, the area connects the coast with the broader countryside and its social and