Piecing together Charles I’s lost collection

Royal Collection Trust

This project is centred on a 3D digital reconstruction of the 17th Century private galleries of King Charles I at Whitehall Palace in London – what became, after his beheading at the end of the English Civil War, the Lost Collection.

We worked closely with researchers to digitally recreate how three of Whitehall Palace’s Privy Lodging Rooms would have appeared in 1639, as faithfully as possible. The hanging of the works and dimensions of the 3D environment were developed from archival sources, including two inventories of the King’s paintings and plans and drawings of the palace (lost to fire at the end of the 17th Century).

The web native interactive allows users to explore selected rooms of the Palace, encounter the works of art that hung in those rooms and to search a database of the inventory to discover more about each work, including where they are today.