Putting contemporary art on the map

South London Gallery

The South London Gallery (SLG) was founded in 1891 and it holds collections of contemporary art works in the heart of Camberwell. SLG and Surface Impression joined forces to develop an in-gallery asset that would be later added to their newly inaugurated annex. The focus of this exciting project was to have the works and archived contents housed in the context of their geographical location. It also aimed to deliver content that was previously unavailable to the general public.

Surface Impression’s solution was an attractive in-gallery kiosk, with a custom map interface that kept in-line with the look and feel of the gallery’s branding and provides several places of interest (POI’s) that are identified by coloured pins in the map. The interactive map is designed for usability and simplicity as the interactive holds a significant amount of information, that would otherwise be overwhelming for visitors. The interactive includes search refinement options that permit audiences to explore by categories, including people, buildings, streets, artforms, and social histories, as well as by date.