When going online becomes a necessity

Arts Etobicoke

Produced quickly in response to the Covid-19 lockdown, this online exhibition presents work submitted to an open exhibition run by Arts Etobicoke, a dynamic community arts organization in Toronto, Canada. The exhibition uses a 3D model to simulate the space of their gallery, and to replicate the hanging of the artwork that had been selected by the open exhibition’s judges. Alongside the 3D version, there is a catalogue of the selected works, including video clips provided by the artists, that help viewers to understand the people behind the art. We also created a section where visitors to the site can see all submissions to the open, and make a new curatorial selection, which is then displayed as their own online gallery.  

The online exhibition was made to look very different from the main Arts Etobicoke website, to give visitors a sense that they’re in a new mode of engagement while in the “gallery”. However, the online exhibition uses the same content management system (WordPress) and hosting as the main site, allowing for cost-effective, speedy deployment.