Breathing new life into extraordinary buildings

World Monuments Fund, UK
  • Website

World Monuments Fund are a charity who campaign and fundraise for the preservation of our built heritage. We worked with World Monuments Fund Britain to design and build a website that utilises a panelled approach, allowing for rich combinations of topic and photographs.

Specifically, our work helped to…

Re-frame the website’s emphasis so it’s easier for audiences to understand what the World Monuments Fund does and what it offers online.

Make the design of the site “responsive” so it adapts layout to suit the device that is viewing it – be that desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Simplify the user experience on the site so it’s easier to process the information on offer.

Integrate different media types (such as video) and resources.

Refresh the graphic design using design techniques that allow for a contemporary feel whilst avoiding the site dating too quickly.

Bring clarity to audiences about why and how to become a member and make donations.

Create a process to set up and run fundraising campaigns targeted to website visitors – the best way to attract useful quantities of donations online.